Oberon's senior team has a level of experience and expertise that is usually available only to large corporations. Having spent an average of more than 15 years each at well-known investment banks such as Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, and Deutsche Bank, we offer emerging and mid-size businesses a level of service and experience not offered to this segment of the market.

Senior Level Attention

Oberon typically staffs two senior bankers on each client relationship as the primary contact people. The senior bankers are responsible for the entire process, from the formulation of strategy to the execution of the transaction.

Market Focus

Our focus is on emerging and mid-size businesses. In contrast with Oberon, traditional Wall Street firms and larger capital markets groups have higher overhead costs, often precluding them from devoting their time and talent to anything other than large clients and transactions. Our senior professionals have worked in the financial community for many years and maintain a network of debt and equity capital sources that is well suited to smaller and middle market transactions.


We are sensitive to the need for confidentiality. Our comprehensive screening of buyer/seller candidates limits exposure of the transaction to a minimum number of individuals and firms. The targeted process limits disruption to our clients' business and allows them to focus on managing their companies.

No Conflicts of Interest

Oberon acts as an advisor or agent. We therefore do not have the inherent conflicts of interest that can arise with a trading desk, sales department or with research analysts at the traditional investment banks.

Our 3 R’s—

Relationships, Resources and Reputation are our greatest assets. We act with utmost integrity to uphold them.

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