A career at Oberon Securities focuses on providing professionals with opportunities for long-term growth in a dynamic environment. We offer a strong combination of transaction expertise and strategic thinking that stimulates our financial staff to take initiative at each level of personal and professional development. In turn, we are able to achieve our primary objective: to structure and implement innovative solutions that deliver results for our clients.

Oberon’s primary strength is the excellence and commitment of our professionals. We offer career opportunities for professionals at every level of their career. Whether you are an experienced financial professional, just beginning your career or seeking a support role within our organization, there is a position that matches your skills and supports your goals for the future. For recent graduates, the ability to work on transactions affords several key advantages. Our team-oriented, entrepreneurial culture provides everyone with the opportunity to make a contribution to live engagements. We will strive to provide the richest financial experience possible to prepare you for any role in the investment banking industry.

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