Mergers & Acquisitions / Strategic Advisory Services

We provide a full range of transaction-related services in situations such as the sale of a business, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, strategic partnerships or management buyouts. Our sell-side clients are mid-size businesses or entrepreneur-led small companies seeking exit strategies or liquidity events for their shareholders. Frequent news of the initial public offering market sometimes obscures the fact that over 90% of the owners of small and mid-size businesses achieve an "exit" for their shareholders by means of a private sale or recapitalization of the company. As a consequence, mergers and acquisitions have become an integral strategic tool for achieving shareholder liquidity and enhancing shareholder value, especially in the many industries that are undergoing rapid consolidation.

Success in selling small and midsize companies requires a focused strategy, substantial preparation and timely execution. To help clients meet these three crucial elements of the selling process, Oberon Securities will do the following: We also work closely with our clients, from initial planning to closing, tailoring our efforts to minimize disruption to the company's day-to-day operations. We work with our buy side clients by understanding their goals and risk profile and developing a comprehensive strategy based on that understanding. The goal of that strategy is a safe acquisition for the client. Our services to our buy-side clients may include: We also work with our domestic and international clients to help them improve their overall shareholder base. We find that many of our small and mid-size clients do not have a sufficiently broad and/or diversified shareholder base and are therefore often undervalued by the financial markets. We employ the same rigor and methodology for assisting our clients in these situations that we utilize for an M&A assignment. Several alternatives that we typically evaluate include analyzing a client's various listing options (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX vs. other foreign exchanges) and executing, through our sales and trading partners, block trades with the goal of introducing new long-term oriented investors to the client.
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